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Mission, Goals and Objectives


Mission Statement

The mission of Friends of Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas is to advocate for the establishment, use management, and perpetuation of Minnesota's Scientific and Natural Areas in an undisturbed natural state.




The goals of our organization are to:


  • Advocate for the protection, management and perpetuation of Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas in an undisturbed natural state alone and in partnership with other public and private companies, agencies and organizations;

  • Promote the establishment of additional Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas, to be administered specifically for nature observation, scientific and educational purposes;

  • Promote the scientific study and educational use of plant and animal communities and other aspects of ecology, natural history and conservation within Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas;

  • Educate Minnesotans, including policy-makers, about all aspects of Minnesota Scientific and Natural Area programs.



Objectives are set on a year-to-year basis.  Sponsors, members and partners are encouraged to submit suggestions to the Board of 

Directors at any time for its consideration.  Suggestions should be submitted to Tom Casey, Chair,, (952) 472-1099.



If your company, agency or organization is interested in partnering with Friends of Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas please contact Tom Casey, Chair, directly or call (952) 472-1099.


Our logo is a drawing (by Ellen Fuge) of a blossom of the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid which is listed as endangered by the State of Minnesota. The largest population of this wildflower in the country is found in Minnesota. It is a beautiful example of the reasons why we advocate for Scientific and Natural Areas. Perhaps one day in mid July you or someone from a future generation will be able to see one of these spectacular flowers blossoming in an SNA.


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