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Friends of Minnesota SNA News

Visit to Blaine Preserve SNA


Some of the Friends visited Blaine SNA recently and admired the plants there.


   "The land that is now the Blaine SNA was slated for development in 1999 when the city, using a DNR grant, hired ecologist Jason Husveth to create a citywide plant inventory.


     "Husveth discovered a rare grassy fen, a marshy area fed by mineral-rich groundwater, in the future preserve and eventually cataloged nearly 300 native plant species — representing about 15 percent of the state's total. Among them were 13 rare plants, more than at any of the other 16 SNAs in the metro area, DNR officials said." Jim Adams Star Tribune July 26, 2013


Visit to Woodrill

Larry Kennebeck, December 2015

Last weekend some of us visited the amazing 50-acre Woodrill area donated to the state by Bruce Dayton.  Bruce removed three houses from the property at his own expense, and has arranged for his residence and other remaining buildings to be removed after his death -- thus adding anothe 30 acres to the preserve.Bruce's brother retired at age 45 to concentrate his efforts on conservation.St. Croix River Preserve
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